Heddon Tiny Torpedo Hard Baits Black Shore Minnow Heddon's Torpedo propeller baits areegendary topwaterures that create a tremendous splashing disturbance thats great for schooling fish feeding on or near the water's surface. Whichever size you're casting, thisure's versatile enough to be fis $5.99

Store Information. Youll find the perfect hard bait to use for your next fishing trip. G Finish Gold Bass Fluorescent Green Crawdad Black Shore Minnow. Click to display additional attributes for the product. Find top brands best prices and great service at Americas Tackle Shop.

Whats New 1 added 1 lot 1 0 added 10 lots added lots Listed below are some antique Heddon lures and also some later vintage Heddon plastic lures.

Fishing Hard Baits Topwater Baits You are Here Heddon Torpedo Lures. Heddon Fishing Lures For Sale. Black Shiner. Heddon Torpedo Hard Baits Black Shiner Glitter. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. The churning action of the single rear prop makes the Heddon Torpedo an ideal imitation of a. Heddon Torpedo G Finish GBSD. In Stock In Stock. Nesta loja encontrar uma variada e criteriosa selec o dos melhores produtos dispon veis no mercado para as diversas modalidades de pesca.

The Heddon Torpedo is sized to appeal to all gamefish. Casting Lure. 0 shipping. Heddon Torpedo 1 1 oz Topwater. HEDDON TORPEDO Black Shore Minnow. With a thicker and longer lip than the original Little John this crankbait dives quickly and deflects easily off structures Panther Martin Spinner Spinnerbait 116 Oz All Silver. Out of stock.

Bem vindo Pesca nhia. Heddon Torpedo Lure Black Shiner Glitter 1 Inch Fishing Topwater Lures And Crankbaits Sports Outdoors. In Hard Fishing Lures. Heddon Torpedo Fishing Lure Gold Black Back 1 Inch 1 ounce Fishing Topwater Lures And. This small propeller equipped topwater lure makes a big disturbance on the surface. Heddon Torpedo 1 1 oz Topwater Prop Bait Clear. Heddon Torpedo Lure Black Shiner Glitter 1 Inch Fishing Topwater Lures And. Heddon Torpedo Black Shiner Glitter. Torpedo 1 1 oz Topwater. Colors 00 Black Shiner 1 0 Bullfrog 1 Baby Bass. G Finish Gold Bass Fluorescent Green Crawdad Black Shore Minnow Bullfrog Black Shiner. Soft Baits Hard Baits Swimbaits Jigs Frogs Spinner Baits Buzz Baits Umbrella Rigs. World Of Fishing 1 Beyers Naude Drive Northcliff Johannesburg South Africa 1 Call us now Email. Shop quality Soft Baits in our Trout Store at FishUSA. Each have a colorful and eye catching design. Pack Heddon Tiny Torpedo Hard Baits Black Quantity. Online Availability. One of these? Visit FishUSA for hard baits.

HEDDON TORPEDO Black Shore Minnow Bullfrog Black Shiner. To catch a predator the SPRO Little MD 0 Crankbait reaches a depth of nine feet where the hungry bass like to feed.

Heddon X0 0l HDN Torpedo Perch Fishing Hard Bait. We have saltwater fishing baits for sale from Yo Zuri Northbar Super Strike Daiwa and more than 100 other top brands meaning you'll be able to find any fishing lure you can imagine Smithwick Floating Rattlin Rogues Shallow Diver 4 12 Bream.

The Heddon Torpedo is a classic topwater lure thats sure to propel you into the Nylon Coated Wire Leaders Black 9 20 Lb. Heddon Torpedo Blue Shiner NPB. With high quality saltwater fishing lures from TackleDirect don't be surprised if fish are jumping over themselves to reach your line Culprit Worm 7 12 18 Pack Green Pumpkin Blue Flake.

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